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Popular Off Piste Skiresorts in Switzerland

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Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations for skiing. Here you have beautiful long and steep slopes that will challenge skiers from all kind of experiences. It’s als one of the destinations in the alps that is ideal for the true off piste adventure seekers. But you have to know what you are doing when you are not on the slopes. We have put a few tips for your safety and three main skiresorts for every off piste junky.

Safety first for off piste skiing in Switzerland

Off piste skiing is not always without any form of danger, there is always one nightmare for every freeride skier and that is being in an avalanche. Therefore, it is a must that you are an advanced skier as you go off-piste and have a good understanding of the area where you go skiing. In addition, be aware that you might bring more equipment with you than when you go a day skiing on the slopes. One of the key takeaways is to check the latest avalanche report of the specific area where you want to go off piste skiing. We recommend to go together with a local guide in case you don’t have in depth knowledge about the resort. A good guide knows the area and makes sure to take care of an unforgettable and safe off piste experience. In case you go heli skiing check the safety guidelines before you take off. 

Off piste skiing in Saas Fee Switzerland

Getting a bit bored of the groomed slopes in Saas Fee? No problem, there are tons of off piste opportunities to spice up your skiing adventure. Together with a guide you can enjoy the powder on the popular glacier. It’s recommended to always go with a local guide because the glacier is always moving and the crevasses are not often visible. 

Off-piste skiing in Verbier – 4 Vallees Switzerland

There is a reason why the Freeride World Tour Finals take place in Verbier for the last couple of years. This the the place where you can go off piste skiing as a maniac. In addition to off-piste skiing it’s increasingly popular to go helicopter skiing and speedskiing. This the number one spot in Europe for lovers of speed and powder snow. On the website you can check out the top 10 off piste and ski tours in this area. 

Off Piste Skiing in Verbier Switzerland

Off piste skiing in Laax Switzerland

Here you have a wide range of red, blue and black sloops. However, Laax has as well more than 45 kilometers of off piste area where you can float over the unprepared snow conditions. The slopes are not prepared but are regular checked for safety and marked on the map.


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