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Required Skilevel For Heli Skiing Trip

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You don't have to be a skiing rock star to go heli skiing. It's not like the popular heli skiing videos  on the web where they drop you off on the steepest peak of the whole country and say good luck see you downstairs in a minute. However fact is, unfortunately for safety reasons not everybode is in the position to go heli skiing. The conditions and terrains vary from wide to narrow and from flat to steep. Snow conditions vary from hard to shoulder deep powder. We always do our best to find the best possible heli skiing trip that suits your level of skiing. 

The different levels below gives you insight about your capacity as a freerider.

Skilevel 1 - Tourist

You are a stable skier on the red and black slopes. Skiing in the powder is something you are occasionally trying, it’s just a little bit playing around in the powder besides the slopes.   

Skilevel 2 - Beginner

You are a steady skier who can handle all kind of slopes (including off-piste and not prepared slopes) and ski routes. You feel comfortable in not too steep (angle of <30 degrees) off-piste skiing while you still have a good overview of your surroundings. 

Skilevel 3 - Intermediate

You feel comfortable skiing in all types of slopes (off-piste and not prepared slopes) in diverse conditions. Up to 45 degrees off-piste you are a steady skier when the conditions are good. Riding between trees is something you are familiar with but there is still space to improve. Sometimes you have difficulties with certain snow types such as; ice and bruchharsh snow. Compact and hard snow conditions that has barely enough grip can be difficult for you.

Skilelevel 4 - Expert

You have a lot of technical knowledge and you feel more than comfortable skiing on steep terrain (45 degrees) in every kind of snow condition.

Skilevel 5 -Elite

You are a skiing rock star. In all conditions off-piste such as icy glaciers, steep terrain, poor visibility extreme snow types you are the skier who can certainly find your way down.

You might have questions about your level of skiing and for which tour it suits. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss together which heli skiing tour is the best for your skilevel.

Download free infographic: Heli skiing equipment

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