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Top 4 Glaciers To Go Skiing During Summer

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Skiing in T-shirt and shorts, sure why not? Yes, we are in the middle of the summer and yes you might look for some coolness on the beach with a big sorbet and a cold beer on the side. However, there are always the die hard skiers and snowboarder lovers who can’t wait until the winter begins, to make the first tracks in the snow. The Alps are popular holiday destination both in winter and summer. Popular at this time of the year for the many hiking trails, beautiful mountain views and biking trails. Skiing or snowboarding on a glacier is something you can add to this Alps summer activity list.

Summer Skiing on Glaciers in Europe

For decades you can go summer skiing on the glaciers in the European Alps, but due to the fact of climate change some of the glaciers are melting and it’s a less popular than let’s say 15 years ago. The good news for you is, at the moment there are 9 glaciers open in Alps during the summer. Even though you can’t compare the skiing experience with the winter condition, you can still go for that adventure in the following glaciers.

An overview of summer skiing glaciers in Europe:

1. Hinterux Glacier

Hinterux Glacier is known as one of the few resorts where you have snow fun all year long. If you are for your summer break nearby this glacier, you should definitely stop and explore it. For a summer ski resort you have a surprising amount of kilometers of slopes. There is one slope where you can ski for almost 600 meters.

2. Mölltal Glacier

The Mölltal Glacier is open all year long as well depending on the snow condition and weather condition. You have the possibility to go for 3 slopes.

3. Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun

The valley station of this glacier is a bit outside of the village but easy enough to reach either by bus or car and there are more than enough parking spaces. The lifts of the Kiztsteinhorn reach up to 3029 meters, so you can visit it a large part of the year.

4. Zermatt

National ski teams from around the globe are practicing during the summer in this place. This peak might be one of the highest in the Alps where you can go skiing in the summer. Skiing above Zermatt at 3880 meters is just incredible.


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